U.G.Course Prospects & Details

Sno. Name of Course Group/Combination Medium of instruction
  B.Sc (Maths Combinations)
  Maths, Electronics,Computerscience
  Maths, Statistics,Computerscience
  Maths, Physics, Computerscience
  Maths, Physics, Electronics
  Maths, Physics, Statistics 
  Maths, Physics, Chemistry 
  B.Sc (Special Sciences)
  Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Human Genetics 
  Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biochemistry
  Biotechnology,Microbiology, Biochemistry
  Biotechnology, Chemistry, Microbiology
  Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology
  Chemistry, Botany, Zoology 
  Computer Applications (Vocational Course)

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Maths, Electronics, Computerscience
Mathematics, Electronics together with computer science will enable the students to possess complete knowledge both on hardware and software and the student is capable of becoming a software designer and software programmers on their own.
They are eligible for admission into
M.Sc (Electronics), M.Sc. (Computers), M.Sc (Mathematics-Computers), M.Sc.(Electronics-Computers), M.Sc (Mathematics) etc., besides professional PG Courses like MCA & MBA.
Maths, Statistics, Computerscience
Due to abnormal growth of population in our country the importance of statisticians has increased. Human resources ministry & U.G.C. have developed autonomous statistics departments with computers in various universities / departments to feed the Government with correct statistical data. It has lot of employment potential in addition to scope for Post Graduate course such as M.Sc. (Maths), M.Sc(Statistics), M.Sc.(Statistics-Computers), M.Sc (Computers) besides M.C.A & MBA Courses.
Maths, Physics, Computerscience
The Most intelligent and useful machine so far invented by human being is the computer With the computerisation of all state / central establishments, Industrial houses, business establishments and all professions the computer has become a household machine. It is therefore inevitable to create more and more computer professionals to meet the manpower requirements. This combination has vast self-employment opportunity and job opportunity in Government and private undertaking Students of this combination are eligible for admission into different M.Sc. & M.C.A. Courses.
Maths, Physics, Electronics
Electronics is the most interesting field of Technology with wider applications to gain employment. It has spread its influence in all fields of human life and the Secret behind Japan's success is its manpower equipped with electronics and communication techniques and this combination is useful for house-hold industries and are eligible for admission into M.Sc. Courses in respective subjects besides MCA & MBA Courses.
Mathematics, Physics,Statistics
This is another foundation course for statisticians aspiring for higher education in P.G. Courses namely M.Sc (Maths), M.Sc (Physics), M.Sc (Statistics), M.Sc (Maths-Computers), M.Sc (Statistics-Computers) besides professional P.G. Courses namely M.C.A & M.B.A
Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry
This is a fundamental science group and an evergreen combination for candidates aspiring for higher Education. Maths, Physics & Chemistry are much useful in advance Science studies and Research besides becoming teachers with 1 year B.Ed/M.Ed., qualification.
Biotechnology,Biochemistry,Human Genetics
This is a latest and unique course having a combination of the most important subjects of the life sciences. Characterisation of the human genome has been completed in the recent years by the Human Genome Project that was hosted by the developed countries. Now the most important areas of the science are Genomics and Proteomics i.e. study of various genes and proteins structures and their involvement in various functions. It is the age of recombinant DNA technology. Pharmaceutical industries are going to start the development of recombinant genes and proteins for curing many disorders of human. The job opportunities in abroad are more for this course and the students are eligible for admission into above M.Sc Courses mentioned in para supra..
Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biochemistry
Biotechnology is the newly emerging and fastest growing field of science. It is a multidisciplinary in nature includes several disciplines of basic sciences and engineering. It mainly deals with the exploitation of animals, plants and micro-organisms cultured inside the test tube Tissue culturing of plants; cloning of animals; Test tube baby and generation of animal organs as well as their constituents for generating products / service to enhance human welfare. It is associated with the production of Monoclonal antibodies and DNA Probes used for the diagnosis of various diseases like viral diseases, Hepatitis B, Cancer, Malaria, AIDS, Sleeping sickness etc, recombinant vaccines, Human insulin, Gene therapy (How to treat genetically inherited disorders like sickle cell anaemia, Diabetes, High B.P. etc), Identification of criminals / parents by using DNA finger printing, production of vitamins, antibiotics etc.

Students of this combination have potential job opportunities in the field of Medicine, Agriculture, Biochemical labs, Pharmaceutical industries, Forensic labs, Defence research development and Research at Indian Institute of Science institutes

They are eligible for admission into M.Sc. Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bio-informatics Human genetics, Bio-organic chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, in-organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, FDW Chemistry, marine chemistry, marine biology & fisheries courses, Industrial or applied chemistry extra of various universities.

The course features are same as that of S.No. (ix) with microbiology as one of the group subjects. The candidates are additionally eligible to seek admission into M.Sc. (Microbiology) & M.Sc. (Immuno Biology) & M.Sc (Medical Microbiology) besides the M.Sc Courses mentioned in para supra.
This course is composed of three specialised subjects of science, which deals with study of micro-organisms as well as higher organisms and their application for the improvement of human community. This makes the students to fit in most important applied part of the science like, gene cloning, gene therapy, Tissue culture, diagnosis of various diseases with modern technology, discovery of drugs for various diseases etc. These students can be absorbed into pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology industries, forensic science and pollution control boards etc.
This combination includes both specialised subjects and a traditional subject. Chemistry helps the students to have a sound understanding of the specialised events in the life process. It also makes them eligible for admission into a wide range of M.Sc. courses as mentioned in S.No. (ix).
This is a fundamental course for Bi.P.C. Students at Degree level and the students of this combination are eligible for the admission to M.Sc. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Human genetics, Microbiology, Environmental Chemistry, Bio-organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Nuclear chemistry Marine biology and fishers etc. of various Universities.
B.Com Course :General
Business marketing, trade and commerce have become the top most priority of the Government nowadays. The share business has been providing self-employment opportunities to all individual who possess knowledge in commerce and Accountancy. Now Computer applications subjects are included in the syllabus with practicals. It has job potential at middle management level both in public/private sectors, Banks, etc., in addition to scope for postgraduate studies in M.Com. M.B.A., I.C.W.A., C.A., Company Secretaries etc.
B.Com (Computer Application)
This is a 3 year course offered to train the degree students in the current topics of interest to employees in field of computers to enable the students to seek immediate employment. The course consists of computer concepts namely, PCS DOS, MS Office and Mainframe, Data Structures Programming in 'C', COBOL and Business Data processing, System Software (DOS, UNIX), Software lab practice, client/server Technology, Internet, Front end Tools besides regular subjects such as Commerce, Accountancy, Banking , etc. This combination is very much useful to become business and management executives in Banking, Trade, Marketing and Industries.