The Society "SREE KRISHNA ACADEMY" felt the burning need of an educational institution to impart value based education to boys and girls of 21st century area. The main purpose is to relate education to the life, needs and aspirations of our people and to achieve the goals of human progress, increasing the productivity, accelerating the process of modernization and attainment of social, moral and spiritual values.

In the present day of expanding and exploring knowledge, determined and devoted efforts are to be made by exceptionally endowed institutions to imbibe best standards of education and character in the students in order to prepare them to meet the challenges of 21st century.

More so, Education at Intermediate and Degree levels is the most crucial period in the life our children and it is the spring board from which the student enters into the field of his choice to fulfill the goals of their lives. It is also here the student stays in the crucial age  where he overwhelmingly requires personalized and full attention to develop the qualities of academic excellence, creative and innovative mental Process and positive character, which are essential to have the path for a bright career in his life. 

In order to achieve these goals, "SREE KRISHNA ACADEMY" established SREE KRISHNA JUNIOR COLLEGE to impart education at Intermediate level, TSR & TBK DEGREE COLLEGE and PG CENTRETSR & TBK WOMEN'S DEGREE COLLEGE to impart education at degree and PG levels specially in the pursuit of science with the help of highly motivated teachers and keeping the teacher-student ratio within the optimum level. Constant and continuous dialogue and rapport between teacher and taught in transcending the knowledge as was the traditional practice of GURUKULA. 

Keeping in view of the current trend of globalization, international taxation, computerized accounts and the emerging career opportunities for commerce students, SREE KRISHNA ACADEMY has established TSR & TBK COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT. The silent and swift resolution in the inner workings of commerce and management, now preceding at an ever-accelerating pace, has opened up numerous and multiple employment avenues for the young and ambitious in what had previously been a rather closed and cloistered field.  Quantity management and commerce graduates, ambitious and self-driven are now needed by industrial and technical enterprise as never before.

We believe that in terms of our ability to inculcate these traits in our students in developing their character, charisma and competence in giving them the best possible grounding in the practicalities and theory of commerce and management, we easily rank among the best of the best.

Our motto is to impart true education endowed with academic moral and spiritual values which makes the man to stand upright and make his life purposeful for the benefit of mankind.