" The greatest discovery is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. "

- William James         

When you FEEL that you are unable to do well in your personal life…
When you FEAR that your relationship is breaking…
When you BELIEVE that there is no reason to live in this world…
Just at this moment, you came to the right place to understand your life and take an opportunity to start all over again, with fresh thoughts and aspirations.

Do not hesitate to share with me, if something is troubling you.

We all want to be happy and lead life successfully. However, we do not realize the fact that life is incomplete without problems. Thinking that our problems are our greatest threats, we lose confidence in ourselves and on the society. We forget our purpose of existence and start to brood over irrational beliefs. Between every stimulus and response there is a space. The space is called choice for us. To be or not to be, to cry or to be cheerful, to get depressed or to bounce back with more vigour and vitality to challenge the problems of life.

We are born to be more purposeful and I am confident that when you experience the counselling sessions at Shraddha Counselling Services, you will have a new thought, new behaviours and new goals to achieve. Bruce Lee said - Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult problem.

As a qualified and experienced counselling psychologist in private practice since 2009, I have successfully helped my clients to tackle a wide range of psychological issues relating to personality, adjustment and relationships.


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