Founder’s Desk:
I M.Kalyan Chakravarthy, born and brought up in Visakhapatnam, did my schooling in Visakhapatnam, degree Bachelors of Engneering from Karnatak University, Dharwad, Karnataka. Two year Post graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Visakhapatnam.
I worked as an Insurance Surveyor with Government Insurance companies in and around Visakhapatnam District.
In 2006, I had a medical problem and hospitalized and my left leg was amputed below knee.
After amputation, for artificial limb, I visited some related websites and found they are providing with and without cost for the said limbs.
During the search and I was astonished with the percentage of people in India and across the globe with different disabilities. In my deep survey, I found the percentage is increasing at alarming rate. Including disabilities are children and women.
At this juncture, I started visiting many related websites, met people from different walks of life, and physically visited so many places and found the status and state of living and understood that so many people are helpless and living under poverty and unable to meet their basics. These segments of people are without food, education and health. The health and education all these section of people left without concern.With all these I made an anvil, by name “Prerana Rath (inspiration-chariot) Charitable Trust” for these segments of people to avail the opportunity to prove and improve their lives.
‘Prerana Rath” keeps moving to various people who need to CARE-AID-SUPPORT them with various sources and means.

Mission & Vision:
Prerana Rath’s Mission is to care for the disabled people, children & Women by giving education, health and improvement in quality of life.
Enlightening the lives of disabled people by inspiring them and telling them they too belong to this planet and are not left.
There are children who left without concern about their education, health and quality of life.
And women at large are facing lots of problem in their health unable to meet and fight with their health problem.
Prerana Rath’s vision is to bring out the hidden talents and show to the world how they can make things happen.
Prerana Rath would like to spread wings different parts of India establishing the network in offering services to the people in need.
Prerana Rath like to work with other NGO’s, Institutions and other bodies in overall development of the society.
Prerana Rath request everyone to provide data/information of the above said people with details. It enables to reach them and offer our services as and when required.
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