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Proget Technologies was started in early 2012 as an Animation and Graphics training company. Later we ventured into production and making of animated short films and CG solutions for movies and commercials. We are an innovative and high end solutions provider, offering a range of services in the field of animation and graphics including 2D, 3D animation and VFX. We offer a customized CG production service that enhances the visual quality of the film and provide a rich experience to the viewer on a variety of platforms including movies, advertisements, mobile and games.

Our state of art lab designed to cater to a variety of services is equipped with high end systems with the latest technologies. Our strength is our highly professional team with a wide industry experience. Professionals trained at our facility are placed in leading animation studios.

Our deliverables are to global standards and we have successfully completed a couple of domestic and international broadcasting projects. We are currently working with major producers in France, USA, Russia and Canada on exciting projects.

PROGET TECHNOLGIES has catered to diversified clientele such as Blue Bug Entertainment of Canada, Marti from Turkey, Real Sandbox from Singapore, international ad agencies such as Havas Worldwide, O&M and movies like Crocodile Love Story. The company has built goodwill with all its clients by delivering quality content within the committed timelines. This has helped us in retaining our customers and they bring back repeated business.

PROGET TECHNOLOGIES ventured in to the gaming industry also. We provided assets for Bixenta Infotech for their Rummy Game project. Later, we ourselves set up a programming division to deliver games such as Golu Forest Run, Golu Jet Pack Ryder etc. based on the character Golu that we had conceptualized and created for a Mobile/TV platform technology company. Our most recent project includes developing a few 3D games for ITV, a regional television channel in Tamil Nadu, India.

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To visualize an imaginary world and characters. From inception and conceptualization to animation production and 3Drealization , our team has extensive experience in executing international television series, DVD movies and adverts. We handle end to end service from pre-production, production to post-production.


We provide game art / asset service and gaming production service. Our art / design team brings your ideas to life and our production team brings it to screen in PC, tablet and mobile. We also undertake 3D asset development to suit the game engines.

VFX and Live Action

Offering the film makers a scope beyond imagination and stories beyond construction. We work closely with the directors from the inception stage and help them plan their budget and shoot. Our pre-viz team helps the directors see their movie on screen without having to shoot them and offers a wide scope of improvisation for the best.

Projection mapping

Project mapping, termed as ‘video mapping’ and ‘spatial augmented reality’ uses video projectors to map light onto the surface to align with the objects to create interactive video displays on irregularly shaped screens. It can be used for games, advertising, decoration or for any entertainment purpose.

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