About Pattusali

“Saali" means "spider" in Telugu. This word was applied to weavers, probably comparing weaving to the spider's web. In Tamil, the word is Saalikan or Saaliyan. In Kannada, it's Shaaliga or Shaaliya. In Malayalam, it is Chaaliyan. "Pattu" is the Telugu and Tamil word for "silk." The weaving community that specialized in silk weaving migrated from Gujarat State (Saurashtra). Oral history says that the Pattusali community is also called 'Saurashtra Brahmin'.

Pattusali (also Pattushali or PathaSali) is a Telugu, Tamil and Kannada weavers' caste or social group found largely in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, & Tamil Nadu. They are prominent in Srikakulam, Vizag, Vijayanagaram, Godavari, Prakasam, Anantapur Districts & in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mysore, and Bangalore Cities. Ponduru, located in Srikakulam district, is world famous for its fine handloom clothes called 'Khadi' which are produced by handmade fine count spinning of cotton threads and woven by expert weavers on a Hand Maggam (weaving machine). Dharmavaram is also famous for Pattu Sarees named Dharmavaram Pattu.

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