Welcome To ORTHO FIT
Nature has provided us with all that is necessary for good living, which includes materials needed for taking care of our health. These materials exist in plants and minerals.

It has been practically observed that some animals could recognize these medicinal substances, just by their instinct, and consume them on falling ill to recover from illness. It’s amazing to note that just by their instinct; animals could identify exact medication needed for them.

Either by their instinct, or through some divine learning, or through some unknown scientific methods, ancient Indian sages have identified and documented thousands of plant materials like leaves, stem, bark, fruit, seeds etc and some naturally occurring mineral substances which could be used for healthcare. However, composition of these substances, or mechanism of their action on human body were not explained.

With the emergence of modern science, need for complete understanding of the materials as well as processes involved has become necessary for wider acceptance.

In principle, usage of naturally available substances is preferred for healthcare purposes, over synthetic chemicals for two reasons. One reason being absence of undesirable side effects and the other being natural substances have a holistic positive effect.
We thought, if we could make healthcare products from natural herbs, which have been proved scientifically to be effective against disorders, then we would be able to offer reliable, safe, and holistic healthcare products to customers.
This thought  has triggered off our entry in to business of Ayurvedic formulations.