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Take obesity reductor Bhaskara sharma’s help. He has 15 years experience in model training and weight reduction. His students have no failure in reducing weight and body shape. 100% result under his belt. Instructions will be given over phone on what to eat and what to exercise after noting your weight, height, age and health problems by Bhaskara sharma. Bhaskara Sharma will keep the target weight to reduce and prepares diet chart with exercise schedule for you. Every day, note the weight reading and observe the weight loss. Bhaskara Sharma will call you accordingly, checks your weight and reschedules your charts. After reducing to your target weight, Bhaskara Sharma will train to maintain the same weight for life long.
Procedure to start weight reduction program with Bhaskara Sharma:

Address: Bhaskara Sharma, door no: 49-3-14, Kamala priya nilayam, Maruthi ashram lane, Lalitha nagar, Visakhapatnam. Pin code: 535204.

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