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Woman protection (gender- based) laws in India are being grossly misused causing the drastic increase in matrimonial and domestic disharmony. The rampant misuse is destabilizing the traditional Indian family structure and violating the basic human rights.

Celebrates international Men’s day on the 19th Nov to recognize men’s “Right to Peaceful Existence”

People across the world will be celebrating international Men’s day 19th November 2012 to recognize and honor the selfless sacrifices of men and their invaluable contribution to families, communities, and society. International Men’s Day is a call for International collaboration to address the challenges and problems men for improving gender relations between men women; for promoting gender equally; and for highlighting positive male role models.


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Every day men face many of the same problems that women do. These include physical and emotional health issues, work related stress, financial difficulties, problems with family and relationships, and more serious problems like domestic violence, harassment at workplace and sexual abuse. In addition, they suffer legal harassment, financial abuse and forced separation from children though women centric laws.

Men are conditioned to stifle their emotions and endure pain without complaining. Men hesitate to express themselves for the fear of being ridiculed or discredited. International men’s day is an occasion to remind ourselves that men are human, that they experience pain, emotions and tears, and that they deserve our love, care, protection and support every day.

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