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Being boring and predictable will never give you this edge. It will never boost your conversions to the sky. It will never make you stand out from anyone else.

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Introducing Bad-Ass Headlines Volume 1

Here's What You'll Get

  • 30 Unique & Incredibly Persuasive Graphical Headline Templates (PSD + PNG) - Improve your conversions with these cush-sucking headlines that will explode your sales.

  • Headlines determine biggest part of your conversion rate. It's one of the most underestimated element of any sales letter. You should spend MUCH MORE time in tweaking this element. Make more money from your products by changing this simple 1 thing.

  • Stop losing your money on expensive graphic designers! Enough is enough. Get these headlines for less than 50 pennies each!

  • Save money on waiting days (if not weeks) to get your design delivered. Does it seem like you're always waiting for someone, pulling your hair off frustrated, to get your projects done (and never actually finishing it...)? Get it in your own hands, finish your sales page faster and enjoy quicker results!

  • Edit these templates in Photoshop (any CS version will do). No Photoshop? No problem. You can hire cheap graphic designer for $10 on to do it for you. It's simple, easy, and even a complete newbie will be able to do it.

  • Stand out from your competitors, become celebrity in the market, attract best opportunities and biggest affiliates. By doing things differently, having unique looking sales pages, you'll get attention from anyone in your niche!

  • FREE BONUS 1 - Video Training How To Quickly Edit The Headlines In Photoshop ($27 Value) - In this quick and easy-to-follow video training you'll see how I edited 5 headlines (in just 11 minutes) in Photoshop to whatever I want. You'll also learn some simple Photoshop tricks to make your headline unique from anyone else and customize it freely.

  • FREE BONUS 2 - 6 Unique Capture Page Templates ($37 Value) - Save money on buying expensive designs.

  • FREE BONUS 3 - 4 Unique Minisite Templates ($67 Value) - Launch your info products faster and easier with 100% unique minisite templates

  • FREE BONUS 4 - 20 Unique Book Cover Templates ($47 Value) - Don't spend $37-$67 on ecover graphics, get them for free with these eye-popping cover templates

  • FREE BONUS 5 - 19 Impactful Attention Grabbers ($17 Value) - Use these powerful attention grabber graphics to hypnotize your prospects in your offer and never let them leave your page

  • FREE BONUS 6 - Fill-In-The-Blanks Headlines ($7 Value) - Save time and create highly persuasive headlines quicker & easier by using proven headline templates

  • FREE BONUS 7 - Fill-In-The-Blanks Bullet Points ($7 Value) - Create better bullet points by using these simple templates

  • FREE BONUS 8 - Alternative Free Fonts ($7 Value) - In many headlines I use fonts like Myriad Pro, Futura, ITC Franklin Gothic that are commercial fonts. If you don't have them, no worries! Use alternative free fonts and get similar results. No need to buy expensive fonts.

  • FREE BONUS 9 - Proven Headlines For WSO ($27 Value) - Use my 5 proven headlines that I personally used in my WSO's to generate a ton of sales.

  • FREE BONUS 10 - 60 Days Free Email Support ($17 Value) - Problems with creating, editing, using these graphical headline templates? I'm here to help you, give you additional trainings and guide you so you can use this pack, increase your conversions and make more money in your business!

Here's What You'll Exactly Get

Happy Customers

All I can say is WOW!

Well, maybe not all This is a totally can't miss - amazing collection of very useful and extremely valuable graphics.

I'll be making use of many of these graphics very soon so thanks big time for releasing this WSO at such an affordable price.
-Brad Wilson, San Diego, USA
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got me exited!!

Bought it and would buy it again and again!!

Awesome work!

Best regards

-Jerome 007, Texas, USA
Wow, jumped on this! Awesome headline graphics and bonuses at insane value! Kevin  has to be one of the best designers on this forum.
Kevin  I didn't have a chance to do a video review I am really hurt for time but I wanted to tell everyone that I purchased this and it looks great!

He is like the Max V series >> but for headlines! LOL
-Darren Monroe, Las Vegas, USA

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 Kevin Brown

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