we are a doctors forum for free medical advise. we offer second opinion in case of doubt or disappointment many national and international specialists will be participating we will maintain strictest confidentiality second opinion givers will remain anonymous we assume no legal responsibility as we are not front-line clinicians all our transactions are of advisory nature and not compulsive in nature


we can offer a second opinion based on the documentation of case history, investigations and other relevant patient data in case of disputes or doubt and in exceptional cases, we may offer to mediate between the medical care provider and the patient we may be able to negotiate a better deal

Welcome to the indo -European Medical Associates

Dr Prayaga Murali Mohana Krishna is the Founder/President of IEMA. He worked in many countries for more than 30 years before retiring from Norwegian Medical Services as Chief of Anesthesiology and Pain Therapy services. He founded the IEMA with the help of many doctors of United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway,Sweden, USA, Australia,New Zealand, India and other Asian countries. IEMA are a group of international doctors actively engaged in medical practice in offering help and advise to any patient seeking Advise regarding his or her personal medical condition. IEMA clinicians in their respective fields are seniors in their profession and some of them are world renowned. IEMA are an NGO (Non governmental organization) offering free medical or surgical advise as SECOND OPINION based on the documentation given to them through the electronic media.