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Akshaya is growing, and gaining momentum all over the world connecting those who want to help our cause. Below are some ways to stay tuned to the latest news. If you have a question or just want more information about Akshaya USA, please contact us.


New & Events

Gnanodaya  Home Inauguration

May 9th, 2013

Gnanodaya 's founder had a vision - to care for the helpless mentally disabled homeless and senior homeless citizens under one roof. What started out as a dream in 2002  is going to become a reality on May 9th, 2013. Gnanodaya  is proud to announce and invite those who can come to the grand opening of the Gnanodaya  Home.  Our home will be inaugurated by those who are going to reside in it.  All latest updates about our inauguration and the Gnanodaya  history will be shared on our face book page

Rich Culture, Kind Nature

From beautiful temples of worship to the array of colors in the clothing to vibrant spices used in everyday cooking, Madurai, India at first glance is a place with a rich culture.
While much of what you see is beautiful at first glance, take a deeper look and you'll see a vast difference in economic classes.One look at those in poverty or struggling to survive and you'll see so many people that need our help. You may even see Narayanan Krishnan feeding. providing much needed personal care and endless compassion to those in need.

Make A Difference Today!


Construction of the Gnanodaya  Home is well under way and now we have an additional challenge — how to furnish and equip the facilities. While there are many things we need, beds are high on that list. We have started the Sponsor-a-Bed Campaign to hopefully give these people a place to sleep that is no longer on the street.


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