Welcome to Bobsy School of Deejaying

Bobsy's school of deejaying is a specialty music school with the ability to teach students the technical aspects of becoming a DJ. The lessons here speak through creativity, innovation, practice, discipline, confidence, and social awareness. Our school is open to anyone at any level interested in learning how to DJ.

In a time when the DJ is often now bigger than the typical ‘pop artist,’ there is a demand for lessons by instructors who have successfully made the transition from a casual DJ into a career DJ. The lessons we provide will be key in establishing a student’s ability to complete a course, then walk right into a professional gig where they can potentially recoup the investment in themselves.

Bobsy's school of deejaying offers hands on learning with the industry standard equipment. Beginner courses can start with students who are unfamiliar with any aspect of djing, or they can also start with those who are at an intermediate level. Our studio classroom includes workstations for students giving the proper attention and detail required to learn each skill.We also offer lessons with YOUR choice of equipment ( cd players or controllers).


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